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“Russ has been my business coach for a little over 2 years. He has made a tremendous positive impact on how I see my role as CEO and how I now operate my business. He has a wide range of business knowledge with an especial enthusiasm for marketing. His thoughtful advice and attention to detail have kept me focused and productive. I’ve learned to plan more thoroughly and celebrate my succeses. I recommend him and his Action Coach group very highly.”
-Merry Brodie E.A.
CEO, Tax Doctor, Inc.

 “Russ worked with me on business skills for over a year. He was in tune with my business needs as well as my personal ones, and therefore helped me keep them both in balance. Russ is a talented, ceative and patient teacher. I would recommend him to anyone who owns their business.” Wendy Mons, Mons International


“Russ’s knowledge and ability to drill down, ascertain issues and develop workable solutions was an immeasurable help. He has an uncanny ability to relate to a variety of people at many different levels. I would highly recommend Russ as your coach and business consultant. Sincerely, Ed Cholfin AK Complete Home Renovations”




Like everyone else, I felt my company was unique. No one could do what I do as well as me. Everyone I hired just didn’t get it. So I worked 80+ hours a week. And my sales peaked at what I personally could deliver. When I found out my health would not allow me to continue at that pace, I needed to make a change, or have life do it for me. This is when you came into my life.
My company’s sales cycle is unique. We provide Government Lottery Audit Software. Sales take 6 months from beginning to end and a contract lasts – 5 – 10 years. So a lot of the sales cycle information you provided didn’t really apply to us. No matter. I needed help with my time and product delivery.
After 2 years the results? I no longer work more than 40 hours/ week. I only work “in the business” in the marketing area – 8 hours a week – max. I no longer deliver or support our products. I have selected a successor and I am beginning the process of grooming that person.        I am more involved in areas outside my business and my wife and I are starting a non-profit. My 12th grade aptitude test returned the job – “inventor”. I am finally getting the opportunity to exercise that gift – looking at new ways to solve problems and grow the company.
            This letter hardly allows me to express the gratitude for the changes you have made in my life – with those changes cascading into my employees’ lives. So I’ll just say thank you.

Len Simonis, CEO, Elsym Consulting


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