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Russ Young
2150 Northwest Parkway SE
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Georgia, 30067
United States
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www.actioncoachatlanta.comIntroducing Russ Young

My purpose and motivation is to guide you on a path to lifestyle quality freedom through leadership effectiveness and success in your business. Helping you and other business leaders gain the highest level of success for self and others enables community abundance


I am passionate about helping all that I serve identify and overcome obstacles to achieving their vision and dreams.  In a compassionate, inspiring and learning way, you’ll discover and gain the key epiphanies that are essential to increasing your leadership and business acumen.


Selected for critical coaching, training and speaking because of my vision, success and enthusiasm for helping others and the ability to convey an abundance of insight and experience gained during  35+ years in corporate leadership and business ownership. 


You, your team and your business will benefit from my skills at developing leaders, cultivating high performance teams and achieving industry leading sales and client loyalty – experience that gained domestically and internationally in 65 countries with senior leadership roles in small , mid-sized and Fortune 100 companies.  Successes launching new products, entering new markets, increasing profitability and enhancing industry leadership position enable me to to guide your success.  The range of roles I have performed  include Coaching, General Management, Marketing and Sales Management, Strategic Planning and Business Transformation, across many industries – such as Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail, Business Services, Technology and Clinical Services provide you with a wealth of knowledge and experience to tap into. 


You will join so many other business owners who know me as a passionate leader who guides those who have reached a plateau, stretch and reach entirely new levels in their business life and experience greater satisfaction in their personal goals. I may also be reached at


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